Demand Gen and Attribution for B2B

Demand Gen and Attribution for B2B

WE built and scaled a demand gen program for a multi-location services business

And then we handed it off to the client's internal team. It's a thing of beauty, really.


A private equity backed fire protection company in acquisition mode needed to build and streamline its demand generation program as new companies were constantly being acquired and integrated into the core brand. 


SMco planned and delivered a demand generation program from the ground up. Our deliverables included media buying and planning as well as supporting a new SDR program, reporting for finance stakeholders, implementing a CRM and marketing automation function, and advising on hiring an internal team. 


Figure 1A – Experience Engineering



Web Traffic Increase


Market Qualified Lead (MQL) Growth


Sales Opportunities Increase



When growth marketing

actually means growth

Built from the ground up

When we started, brands weren’t centralized, no media was in market, and attribution was just an idea that was being tossed around. 

Systems to handle scale

Media buying scaled to market, content marketing to support the brand growth, and reporting to satisfy information-hungry private equity financeers. 

Revenue Growth

Let’s cut to it, this is what really matterd. We were able to prove an 11x increase in marketing’s ability to generate revenue. 

  • Web Traffic 23% 23%
  • Market Qualified Leads 83% 83%
  • Sales Opportunities 483% 483%
  • Closed/Won Revenue from Marketing 1122% 1122%

The Results Speak for Themselves

Our approach delivered seven-figures in net new revenue pipeline, a 23% lift in web traffic, 83% increase in MQL’s, 483% increase in the number of opportunities created for Sales, and a 1,122% increase in closed/won revenue directly attributable to marketing sources.  


Increase in Marketing's contribution to revenue

The Science & Magic Corporation of America was critical to the launch of our marketing and demand generation program. They are experts in all they do and helped us scale our SEO and SEM programs so we could meet our marketing and company targets and goals.

If you are looking for a partner with expertise in everything from Google Ads to content development to customer marketing, then you’ve found them! Thank you so much Science & Magic!

-Marketing Director