wholesale to ecommerce in 90 days

When the pandemic hit, our client needed to pivot...fast. We helped them make it happen.


A private equity-backed licensed apparel company wanted to pivot to an ecommerce-focused D to C model, integrated with its current B to B model. After an initial failed in-house attempt, Science and Magic were brought in to help quickly transform a traditonal wholesaler to an eCommerce company.


We rebranded, moved the client’s ecom operation to a headless commerce tech stack, implemented a marketing automation program, and deployed dynamic ad campaigns in search and social, as well as leveraging their NFL license partnership through an auction site experience we developed alongside their ecom platform.


Figure 1A – Experience Engineering


Monthly ecom revenue increase

conversion rate increase

site traffic increase

Day Turnaround

90-Day Turnaround

Campaigns by black friday? no problem.

We pulled the necessary levers to have the client’s inventory synced into the new ecom environment out of Microsoft Great Plains. That was a feat in itself. 

New Revenue model brings new questions

How fast can we grow? How do we budget for tech, personnel and media to get to our goals? All questions we were able to assist with. 

New Team? We've got their back

To grow more quickly, the client acquired a competitor’s marketing team to level up their internal capabilities, and to get ready for the ride that was about to get even more exciting…


an entirely separate auction site experience w/ the NFLPA

Our client’s partnership with the National Football League Players Association included a tie-in to the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats that required building a stand-alone auction site experience where people could bid on items, in addition to the main e-commerce site. We built this experience alongside their new e-commerce platform, all within six months of our initial engagement.

INCREASE in Monthly Ecom Revenue

Results were a precursor...

All of our work was just setting up the client for where they were ultimately headed, M&A land. It’s not that we worked ourselves out of a job, but we kinda did.